Manifesto – Introduction to the red teaming community!

Welcome to red teaming! This site was created to be a crowdsourced, community driven trademark, where red teamers or security professionals from all around the globe can contribute without anything other than enthusiasm for offensive or defensive security and all things red teaming. The idea is to bring together similar minded individuals to have a good time and learn something new or train others. We actively want others to contribute content, hopefully giving a voice to people who want to publish material but don’t have their own website or personal brand and would rather be part of something bigger, contributing their own research and getting ideas or research out there.

Have you ever wanted to collaborate with peers outside of your own organisation but don’t know where to do it, well this is the perfect place and this is what we want to build. Your content can be sanity checked, peer reviewed and even cross collaborated on, if you wish.

This community is not tied to any organisation and the concept is purely to knowledge share and raise awareness, including the occasional catch ups, conferences, online videos and a general opportunity to collaborate outside of your current circle. The barrier to entry is purely a DM to one of the owners or contributors with an idea or content, its really as simple as that.

All we ask is you keep it honest and inclusive, while abiding to privacy and reasonable disclosure at all times.

To start the site of with a bang, we have one of the owners Doug McLeod blogging about having a red teamer play a CISO for a day!

Published by benpturner

Red Teamer (CCSAS|CCSAM) | Creator of PoshC2 | Powershell / C# Enthusiast | Passionate about Security!

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